Are Smart Locks Right for Your Home or Office?

Security has come a long way in the last few decades. With wireless internet and smart technology, we can achieve some amazing things. We’ve now got smart toilets, smart thermostats, smart garage doors, and…smart locks. If you’ve ever considered installing smart locks in your home or office, then this guide Read more…

Go Keyless for Your Home or Office

Are you forever losing your keys or forgetting where you’ve left them? They can be a hassle to always carry around with you, especially when you’ve got various different sets for home, work, and the car. Make things easier for yourself by going keyless. You can install a keyless entry Read more…

Replacing Your Key Fob

  When people talk about losing their car keys, what they’re probably referring to is the key fob attached to the key. Hardly anybody actually uses the metal key part to lock and unlock their cars anymore – it’s all about keyless entry. The key fob makes it easy to Read more…

Most Secure Residential Locks

  Our locks are something we don’t pay much attention to. We lock and unlock them mostly by instinct as we leave or enter the home. How often is it that you stop and think about the amazing job they are doing at keeping your home and family safe? Well, Read more…