Are you forever losing your keys or forgetting where you’ve left them? They can be a hassle to always carry around with you, especially when you’ve got various different sets for home, work, and the car. Make things easier for yourself by going keyless. You can install a keyless entry system at your home or workplace so that you never need to remember the keys for them again.

How does keyless entry work?

Rather than needing a lock and key, doors fitted with keyless entry only require a code to get in. They will have an electronic keypad (or a manual keypad for older systems) along with a door handle or deadbolt. The keypad will be programmed with a code, normally made up of 4 numbers. When you enter the correct code, the lock disengages and you can open the door by turning the handle or deadbolt. There are various different types of keyless entry systems that all achieve the same thing.

What are the benefits of keyless entry?

There are lots of benefits of installing keyless entry at your home or workplace.

  • You don’t need to carry keys – With keyless entry, you don’t need to carry around lots of keys or spend time figuring out which key is the right one, you just need to remember a 4-digit code.
  • You don’t need lots of copies – For buildings where multiple people need access, you would normally have to make lots of copies of that key, plus plenty of spares. With keyless entry, you can just share the entry code with all authorized people, whether that’s employees and clients or your wife and kids.
  • It’s easy to change – If you’ve had a break in or you want to revoke access from certain people (after firing them, for example), you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing the locks and having new keys cut. Instead, you just have to reprogram the code for the keypad. This is easily done, and you just need to share the new code with whoever you want.

Is there a security risk?

Keyless entry is generally a secure option because there’s no lock to pick and no threat of losing keys and them ending up in the wrong hands. There is a risk that someone could see you entering the code and remember it, but this shouldn’t be a risk at a workplace with adequate security. You can always change the code if you’re concerned that this has happened.

The other risk is that you forget the code and get locked out. Hopefully this won’t happen because it is only four digits, but you can always record the number on your phone or a slip of paper.

If you think keyless entry is the right choice for your home or office, then we can help you out. Get in touch for locksmith services around Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and their surrounding areas.

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