Whether it’s at home or at work, you want to do anything you can to prevent a break-in from occurring. Here at JB’s Lock and Key, we want to help you achieve this level of security. So, as well as providing you with the products and services needed to secure residential and commercial buildings, we’ve also written this blog to outline the equipment and procedures you should have in place to prevent break-ins.

Locking up

Of course, it goes without saying that the primary way to prevent break-ins is to remember to lock the doors and windows behind you whenever you leave your home or office unoccupied. But, what kind of equipment should you have in place for maximum security?

Deadbolts are commonly used for residential properties as they are extremely difficult to break into from outside of the house. There are a number of different types of deadbolt locks that have their own advantages and disadvantages. For commercial properties, keypad entry is another common form of security, requiring authorized personnel to enter a code to get into the building. Advancements in technology have also brought on the smart lock, allowing you to unlock your home using a smartphone app.

Effective procedures in place

This is especially important in commercial buildings where people may be coming and going at all times during the day. It’s important that you have procedures in place so that everyone knows when they should lock up and how to do it properly. This might involve a sign in sheet so that people know if they are the last one out of the building. Everyone should know what to do when they leave the building unoccupied, which might include setting the alarm and securing all of the locks necessary.

Identifying vulnerable access points

Securing your home or workplace should involve an understanding of the building and the points where people might gain entry to it. The front door and back door are the obvious ones, so make sure these have secure locks fitted and that they are always locked when you leave the home. Windows are also vulnerable points, particularly on the lower levels. You should never leave an accessible window open when you leave the house, and should also consider having locks fitted on them if you haven’t already.

The garage can also be an easy target if it’s not locked down properly. Either, they can gain access into the garage and steal any valuables held in there. Or, if your garage connects to your house, it could be a way for them to access your home as well.

The security of your home should be of utmost importance to everyone, so make sure yours is safe and secure. Get in touch with us to assess the security of your locks and improve the security of your home.

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