Mobile Locksmith Services

When you think about locksmiths, you probably just imagine someone coming out to your home to help you when you’ve locked yourself out. But, in reality, locksmiths do much more than that. As well as coming out to your home or business, we offer mobile locksmith services to help you out of a jam wherever you are.

Here are a few examples of sticky situations our mobile locksmiths can help you out of.

Locked out of your car

If you’ve ever managed to lock your keys inside your car or your trunk, you’ll be familiar with the panic that follows. But, there’s no need to panic as we can come directly to you to solve your problem. Depending on the situation, we can help you by either unlocking your automobile or replacing your keys entirely.

Key broken in a lock

Locksmiths have specialist tools and skills to remove a broken key from a lock without damaging the mechanism. Trying to do this yourself can lead to irreparable damage that’ll leaving you need a new lock as well as a new key. Once this problem’s solved, we can also help you by repairing the key, if possible, or replacing it.

Forgotten key code

If you’re trying to get into a safe or a door that’s locked by an electronic keypad, but have forgotten the code, then that’s another job for mobile locksmith services. We can help you gain access and also recode electronic keypads so you know you can get back in the next time.

Lost high-security keys

Having a high-security key means that you can only have it replaced if you are authorized to do so. This makes sure that no one can replicate the key and lock combination. If you lose your high-security key and don’t have the code needed to replace them, then another option is to re-pin the cylinder of the high security lock that goes with it. This means that we can replace your high security key without anyone else able to access it.

We pride ourselves on our fast response times when called upon for emergency locksmith services, so you’re not left out in the cold. If you ever need any mobile locksmith services in the North Carolina area, then get in touch with us at JB’s Lock and Key. We’re located in Winston Salem and serve a wide area surrounding, including High Point and Lexington.

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