As a realtor, you likely handle a lot of keys for a lot of properties on a daily basis. It’s your responsibility to keep these keys safe along with the locks and, therefore, the houses that go with them. To help you with this, we’ve got some top lock tips that all successful realtors should know.

Those locks could be stronger

If your properties have deadbolts installed, then you might think they’re as safe as can be. While deadbolts are impressively strong and secure locks, you can upgrade them by installing a stronger strike plate and longer screws. This helps to prevent someone from kicking the door in and breaking the lock.

Changing and rekeying locks

When someone moves out of their home and someone else moves in, it’s always a good idea to have the locks changed. This ensures there are no spare keys left behind, giving someone else access to that home.

Changing the locks is one option, but rekeying can be an easier and more cost-effective option. Rekeying involves reconfiguring the lock rather than changing the hardware completely. You then have new keys cut to fit the new lock, allowing you to keep all copies of the correct key and then hand them over to the new homeowners when they’re ready to move in.

Lock decoding

Another handy locksmith service is the ability to decode a lock. If you’re unfortunate enough to misplace a key to one of your properties, then this will help you get back in without too much expense. This service might also help your clients out as keys can easily go missing during the hectic moving process. A locksmith can examine the inner workings of a lock and decode it in order to produce a key that matches.

Make life easier with one key

If you make your clients’ lives easier, then they’re much more likely to remember you fondly and recommend you to their friends and family. Another way you can do this is to give them one key for everything. Say they have a second property or want to easily get into their parents’ house, and vice versa.

You can have the locks changed or rekeyed so that the same key works for both properties. This removes the hassle of needing multiple keys and potentially forgetting them. You could even do this for the front door and garage door of their property, for example.

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