When you notice a problem with your locks, whether it’s a minor or a major problem, how do you react? Many people will see it as a mild annoyance and then ignore it until it becomes a much more serious problem. Don’t put off getting your locks inspected and repaired. If you face any of the following lock problems, then contact a mobile locksmith as soon as you can.

Your key won’t turn in the lock

You put your key in the lock, turn it, but nothing happens. The lock is jammed, meaning you can’t lock or unlock your door. There can be a number of causes of this, such as debris caught in the lock or damage to the locking mechanism. If the keyway itself is blocked, you may be able to clear it using a spray lubricant. If the jam is down to damaged components, then you should call a locksmith to repair the lock for you.

The whole cylinder turns

At the other end of the spectrum, the entire lock cylinder might turn with the key as you turn it. This may or may not stop you from locking/unlocking your door depending on the severity of the situation, but either way, it is a problem that needs addressing. Most of the time, this problem can be resolved by tightening the screws. However, this may involve disassembling and reassembling the whole lock, so you may be better off leaving it to a professional locksmith to ensure everything goes back together correctly.

Your handle is loose

Loose doorknobs and door handles may also become loose over time. This could be down to loose screws or worn parts, especially for older locks and handles. A locksmith will be able to assess whether there is any damage or wear and tear that might mean your hardware needs replacing.

Misaligned locks

If the locking mechanism in your door comes out of line with the strike plate in your door frame, then it may become difficult to close and lock your door properly, presenting a security risk for your home. You might notice this problem immediately if the door or lock has been poorly installed. Or, it may happen over time as a result of your door warping, for example. Even if you can still lock your door in this situation, the misalignment may cause damage to the lock over time, and could break it. Resolving this problem may require adjustments to the door, the lock, and the strike plate.

If you face any of the above problems with your door locks, call JB’s Lock and Key out to your home to assess and fix your problem anywhere in Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

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