Chances are high that you’ve got some valuable possessions inside your garage, especially if you park your car in there. You might also have a lawnmower, power tools, and other things that would be considered worth stealing. Plus, if your garage is connected to your home, it could also provide an alternative entrance for intruders trying to break in.

What we’re saying is that your garage is something you should try hard to secure in order to keep your home, family, and belongings safe. Here are some of the best types of garage door locks you can use to achieve this.

Keyed locks

Most standard garage door locks require a key for you to lock and unlock them. They come in different styles and types of mechanisms. A commonly used one is the T-handle lock. These are straightforward mechanisms that are unlocked using a key and then opened by turning the T-shaped handle so that the door can be opened.

Bolted locks are also frequently used. When the key is turned, the bolt in the lock mechanism slides across to either lock or unlock the garage door. Deadbolts can also be used for greater security as these are particularly hard to bypass.

Keyless locks

Technological advancements have allowed the introduction of keyless locks, removing the need for carrying around keys, which could potentially be lost or stolen. Many garage doors have entry keypads instead of traditional keyed locks. With these, you simply enter the correct code in order to unlock the door. For greater security, it’s a good idea to change the code regularly to prevent intruders from learning it by watching you.

Electronic door openers can be opened and closed using a remote control, which is one of the most popular forms of entry. There is also a range of smart garage door locks that you can activate from your phone, allowing you to lock and unlock your door remotely.

Combining a keyed lock with a digital or smart lock for your garage door is a good way of adding an extra layer of security to keep intruders out.

If you want to add an additional lock to your garage door, it’s advisable to contact the supplier of the door to ensure that the two are compatible and that installing the lock will not interfere with the structure or mechanisms of the original door. Leaving the installation to either a professional garage door technician or a locksmith will help to prevent the risk of damage.

If you need help upgrading or maintaining your garage door locks, contact JB’s Lock and Key for our mobile locksmith services around Lexington and Winston Salem.

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