Safes are great places for storing valuable and sensitive documents. But sometimes they can prove to be too safe when even you can’t get into one to access your own belongings. What can you do in a situation like this? Luckily, you can call an emergency locksmith to help you get back into your safe and recover your prized possessions.

Why might you need a locksmith for your safe?

Different styles of safes work in different ways, but it’s always possible to accidentally get locked out of them. Maybe you’ve forgotten the code or combination to get into it, or it’s a key-operated safe and you’ve lost or broken the key. Some safes also have a lockout mode, so if you accidentally enter the wrong code too many times, it will lock you out.

A problem may also occur with the internal workings of the safe, although it’s not an especially common problem. The wiring in an electronic safe may become faulty, for example, preventing you from getting in. If your safe has a combination dial to unlock it, poor maintenance may cause the correct combination to shift slightly, making your code invalid. Or, the bolt that locks your safe may simply become jammed.

How can a locksmith help?

However you ended up being locked out of your safe, a locksmith can help you out of the situation. The process they take will depend on the specific fault you’ve experienced and the type of safe you have. In general, a locksmith will always try to pick or manipulate the lock initially in a way that will not damage the hardware. In some cases, this is not possible and the locksmith may have to break the lock or drill into the safe.

If you were locked out due to a fault with the safe, then they may also be able to repair or maintain your safe so that the problem does not continue. You can then change your safe code if necessary, which may be advisable for security reasons. If your problem was with a broken key, then the locksmith can also repair the key if possible or provide a rekeying service for you.

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