Some people have a really hard time keeping track of their keys, leaving them grateful for their spare sets or in desperate need of an emergency locksmith. As well as the all too common problem of being locked out of your house, you might also face the problem of being locked out of your car. In this situation, you need the services of a professional automotive locksmith.

If you’re fortunate enough to have never needed an auto locksmith, then here are a few reasons that you might need one in the future.

Keys locked inside the car

You think that it’s impossible until you find yourself in this situation. There have been ridiculous instances like dogs locking their owners out of their car. However it happens, locking your keys inside your car is a real inconvenience, and it’s actually pretty common. Don’t be tempted to try to break your way in with a coat hanger; it might work fine in the movies, but it’s likely to lead to more damage to your car. It’s much better to call an auto locksmith to get you back in.

Key snapped in lock or ignition

As keys get older, the metal shaft can become weaker. This could cause them to suddenly snap when you try to turn them in the lock or ignition, leaving a portion of the metal still inside the barrel. If it’s stuck deep inside, then trying to remove it yourself could damage the lock/ignition, leaving you with two things to replace.

Lost car keys

If you’re forgetful and prone to misplacing your keys, then you might find yourself in this situation often. Other times, you might lose your keys when your child is playing with them or they might get stolen. If you don’t have a spare to let yourself in your car with, then an auto locksmith should be your next port of call.

Broken key or fob

Maybe you know exactly where your keys are but the metal portion or the electronic fob of your keys will no longer open your car or start your engine. If you have a broken key, you can call an auto locksmith to see if they can repair it for you, or replace it if it is beyond repair.

Stay out of trouble by always keeping your keys safe and having spares available if you do find yourself in one of the above situations. If you get locked out, get in touch with us for our expert lockout service across Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and their surrounding areas.

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