However it may have happened, you’ve managed to lock your keys in the trunk of your car. You’re not the first one to do it and you certainly won’t be the last. So, don’t panic. Just read this blog and find out what to do to get out of this sticky situation.

Do you have a spare key?

The easiest way to get out of this predicament is if you already have a spare key. Maybe you got spare keys from the dealer when you bought the car, you might have one in the house in case you face a problem exactly like this, or maybe your spouse or a family member has their own set of keys. If you have them, go hunt them down.

But, the fact that you’re reading this article suggests you don’t have a spare key (or you don’t have access to it right now). If you don’t, then consider getting a spare key cut once you’re out of this situation.

Don’t try to break in!

You may be tempted to try and copy some tricks you’ve seen in the movies to try and get into your car by other means. This is definitely not recommended! Not only do you risk causing expensive damage to your car, you’ll also end up drawing more attention to your embarrassing mistake once the car alarm goes off or if someone mistakes you for a criminal and calls the police.

Call an emergency locksmith

Without spare keys, you will need to call an emergency locksmith who has capabilities as an auto locksmith. Make sure you tell them specifically that your keys are locked in the trunk, as this may require different tools than if they were locked inside your car. If the locksmith is unable to access the keys in your trunk, then the alternative is that they can cut replacement keys for you (including a spare one!). This may involve replacing your car locks as well as the new keys.

If you’re in a hurry, then you may need to arrange for alternative transport while you wait for the locksmith to come out to your vehicle and solve the problem. Or, you can use it as an excuse to tell your boss that you can’t come in.

If you need emergency auto locksmith services in Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and their surrounding areas, then contact JB’s Lock and Key to help you get back in.

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