How Safe is Your Safe?

Home security systems are a great way to keep intruders out of your home. But what if someone, somehow gets past these security measures and into your home while it’s empty? You’ll want your most valuable possessions to be stored away securely where they can’t get them. This is where safes come in handy.

What are safes used for?

Safes are used in homes and workplaces to keep valuable or sensitive items out of the wrong hands. They may have monetary value like jewelry, artwork, or cash. They may have sentimental value, like photos that mean a lot to you but don’t have any monetary value. Or, it may be personal documents that contain private information.

Choosing a safe that’s really secure

With some safes, there’s still the risk that someone might be able to pick the lock, crack the code, or simply walk out of your home with your safe in their hands. So, it’s important that you do some research and pick a safe that’s really secure.

Safes can have different locking mechanisms, like a lock and key, a digital code, or a manual dial. Let’s look at how some of these work and which ones are the most secure…

Combination dials

You see them in practically every heist movie ever made. A master criminal puts his ear or a stethoscope up to the safe door, turns the dial a few times, and he’s in! While it may be possible to crack a combination lock, it certainly isn’t anywhere near as easy as it’s made out in the movies. In fact, it can even be difficult to open if you know the code. You need to make sure that you have this kind of safe maintained regularly to ensure the mechanism doesn’t shift, making it difficult to unlock.

Lock and key

Lock and key safes are usually not the most secure. The locks in these typically aren’t as sophisticated as other residential and commercial locks, making them easier to pick. A more secure option is a safe with dual locks. With these, two people will hold a key each, so they both need to be present to unlock the safe. Just make sure you don’t lose the keys! Having two locks to pick adds an extra layer of security to get through.

Electronic lock code

Electronic safe locks are one of the most popular options as they’re easy to open. You have a code, type it in, and open the safe. It doesn’t need as much maintenance to keep it working compared to a combination dial, as long as you keep the batteries charged. It’s a good idea to change your code on a regular basis for extra security. There are also upgrades like fingerprint scanners if you want to boost your security.

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