How to Burglar Proof Your Windows

You probably think a lot about how to lock up your doors securely in order to protect your home, but your windows are the next biggest point of entry to your home that we often overlook when it comes to security. We’ve got some tips to help you lock your windows up safe and sound.

Install locks on all your windows

Your windows probably have built-in locks already, but do a quick check to make sure none of them are left without. Even if they already have window locks, it may be worth checking the quality and integrity of them and replacing them with stronger, more secure locks if necessary. Different types of locks will suit different windows depending on which way they open and close.

Keep them shut and locked

You wouldn’t leave your front door wide open while you’re out of the house, relaxing in the back yard, or taking a shower. So, you should be vigilant about closing your windows, too. First-floor windows should especially be kept closed as these can be easy entry points for burglars.

Then we come back to the locks you made sure were installed in the previous point. A lot of people think that shutting the window is enough and tend to ignore the locks completely. Not only will locking your windows properly make them harder to break into, but it will also help your insurance claim if a break-in does occur.

Install window bars

Of course, locked windows won’t make much of a difference if a burglar decides to smash in the glass. Installing bars and grilles over your windows will help to prevent this method of entry. These have come a long way in terms of design if you’re worried about your home looking like a prison cell. You can install bars that look stylish while keeping your home safe.

They are especially recommended for first-floor windows and in areas where crime rates are high. Plus, when you need the windows open because of hot weather, having bars over the open window will make it much safer.

Install window sensors

In the unfortunate event someone does break in through your windows, having alarm sensors installed will help to deter them and alert you or the authorities to the problem. A window sensor will sound an alarm when someone opens your window if the alarm is activated. And then there are glass break sensors which sound an alarm when the glass is smashed.

If you need more secure locks or grilles over your windows, get in touch with JB’s Lock and Key for support with lock replacement, maintenance, and other mobile locksmith services in Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.