There are lots of potential security risks when you travel. To keep your suitcase or bags safe, many people use luggage locks to secure their belongings. But are these locks really safe? Let’s look at how these luggage locks work and other effective ways of keeping your things safe while you travel.

Do luggage locks protect your belongings?

You probably use luggage locks to keep your things safe from thieves, but this does not stop the TSA from entering your luggage. For security reasons, the TSA has the right to search any bags if they suspect contraband is being carried or simply as part of a random search.

It used to be that TSA agents would simply destroy the lock, leaving you unsecured for the rest of your trip. With TSA-approved locks, agents can use a master key to open the lock and then secure it again afterward, although this does not always happen. The other problem with these TSA locks is that images of the master keys were published online years ago, which means they may be able to be replicated now using 3D printing.

Beyond the TSA, luggage locks can be pretty flimsy, allowing them to be broken or picked easily. Plus, fabric suitcases can simply be cut open or the zipper itself may be able to be forced open.

Other ways to keep your luggage safe while traveling

So, if luggage locks aren’t doing a great job at keeping your luggage safe, what else can you do? Choosing solid plastic bags over fabric ones can prevent them from being cut into. You can even find zipperless bags or ones with puncture-proof zippers to block one more method of entry.

A high-security lock will keep your luggage safer than a TSA lock, but it may be destroyed if your bag is subject to security checks. It is best to travel with a spare just in case you need to replace your high-security lock during your trip.

You can also place luggage straps or cables around your luggage to add an extra barrier of security. Even if these can be broken through, they could deter a thief who is looking for the easiest targets. And one of the best ways to keep your luggage safe is to keep it in sight whenever possible, so be vigilant while you travel.

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