How to Secure an Older Property

Over the years, security measures and technologies advance quite rapidly, and new houses are usually built with the latest safety and security standards in mind. But what if you move into a particularly old house that was built long before these standards? If you’ve just moved into an old house or are thinking of doing, then there are some measures you should take after moving in to make sure your home isn’t vulnerable to break-ins.

Upgrade the locks

We always recommend changing the locks or having them rekeyed after moving into a new home because you never know who out there has a spare key from the last owners. But when the property is old, you might want to go a step further and have the locks replaced with more modern ones. Not only do locks deteriorate over time, meaning your new ones might be very weak, but older models also don’t have the same level of strength and security as modern ones. So, replacing your front and back door locks with new, secure locks will help to beef up your security.

Replace doors and windows

To go another step further, your actual doors and windows could be replaced. Old windows and doors were typically made with wooden frames that are much easier to kick in compared to newer designs. Plus, the wood is likely to have deteriorated over time and become even weaker. Older windows also might not have locks, so make sure to have these installed once you move in.

As well as the frames, the glass in your windows could also be vulnerable. They may only be single-glazed panes and, like everything else, could have become weaker over time, making them easy to smash. Double-glazed windows aren’t just more secure, but they’re also better for insulating your home, which can be a challenge in older homes.

Replace your garage door

Another potentially vulnerable entry point to your home is the garage. Like all the other locks in your home, the garage door lock may have become rusted and worn down over the years, making it easier to pick or break. Changing the locks or upgrading to smart locks will help to make your garage more secure, as will installing a new garage door. New models of garage doors have lots of great built-in safety and security features to protect your home and family.

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