How to Stay Safe and Secure While Camping

Some people are natural campers and love being in the great outdoors, while others find the idea of camping terrifying. Whichever of these camps you sit in, there are steps you can take to make your camping trip safer and keep your belongings secure. Read on for our tips for a safer camping trip.

Camp in a secure location

If you’re camping in an official campsite, then security shouldn’t be too much of a concern. These locations are typically safe and well monitored. Remote campsites are usually safer still when it comes to avoiding thieves. If a campsite is near a road or a town, then there’s a greater risk of strangers coming in to steal people’s belongings.

If your campsite is in the middle of nowhere, then everyone will be there specifically for the campsite, and any opportunists won’t be able to get away easily from such a remote location. Now, we’re only giving this tip for official campsites. On the other hand, if you’re camping independently and choose a location in the middle of nowhere, then you might be at greater risk as you are so isolated.

Locking your tent

You might want to look your night while you sleep at night or if you leave it unattended during the day. You can buy a tent lock that stops others from using the zip to open your tent unless they have the combination for your lock.

Of course, this won’t make your tent 100% secure since the material of most tents could be easily slashed if the thief has a knife. However, it does provide an additional security barrier if someone is looking for an opportunity to quickly open up a tent and steal something unnoticed.

Locking your valuables away

You might also want to take padlocks to keep your belongings safe. Like a tent lock, putting a padlock on the zip of your backpack adds an extra step for thieves to get past, making it harder for them to steal from you. For your valuables, like money and electronics, you might want to bring a secure, lockable box with you to store these in. Make sure you don’t leave valuables on display at your campsite as this may invite intruders in.

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