How to Stop Losing Your Keys

Are you one of those people who never knows where they’ve left their keys? They’re probably the most common thing for us to lose or misplace. Most of the time, we’re just being forgetful and can find them with a bit of hunting. But other times, we might have actually lost our keys while out and about.

Whatever circumstances usually leave you without your keys, we’ve got some tips to help you keep hold of them in the future.

Strategies to keep hold of your keys

Do you have a dedicated place at home where you leave your keys? If not, then you should make one. This could be a hook to hang them on or a small dish or tray on a counter. Then, the next step is to actually use it. Always hang your keys on that hook when you enter the house. Many people have a key area but still end up leaving them in random places, and then forget where they put them.

Making your keys bigger and more noticeable can also help you keep track of them. If a single key falls out of your pocket while you’re walking, you may not notice. But if a keychain full of jangly keychains falls to the ground, you’re sure to hear it.

How to find lost keys

The advice of “they’re probably where you left them” is pretty unhelpful. So, we’ve got some tech that will actually help you find your lost keys. There are various different products and apps that will help you hunt down your keys, similar to the “find my phone” feature on iPhones.

Many of these, like the Tile Tracker, come in the form of a small fob that attaches to your keys like a keyring. You then install an app that pairs with your fob. If you misplace your keys, then you can tap a button in the app that will make your fob ring an alarm. If your keys are nearby, then you’ll easily be able to track them down. There are various other brands with similarly useful key tracking products.

Save yourself a key or lock replacement by keeping your keys safe at all times. If you do find yourself without your keys, then our mobile locksmith can help you, whether you need rekeying for your home or auto key replacement for your car. Get in touch with us today if you need support around Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.