If you don’t have keyless entry and a keyless ignition in your car, then you will still have to rely on the physical key itself to get around. In the unfortunate event that your car key snaps or becomes so bent that it won’t start your car, what do you do? Don’t panic! This blog has the best solutions to get you out of this situation and back on the road.

When your car key becomes bent

If the metal part of your car key bends, you might be tempted to bend it back and try to straighten it up. This can cause it to snap completely, so it’s better to leave it as it is and see if a locksmith can repair the key and stop you from having to pay out for a replacement. If it is not a simple fix, then the locksmith will have to recut the metal part of the key and use the fob from your old key (if it has one), so you don’t have to pay to replace the electronic part, as well.

When your car key gets stuck

If you’ve tried to open your car with your key or turned it in the ignition and it has got stuck, what should you do? Trying to turn it or pull it out by sheer force can cause damage to the key and the ignition, so you should stop resisting once you’ve realized the key is stuck. You should call a locksmith, who will be able to tell whether the problem is with your key or the lock it is stuck in. They will then be able to remove the key safely and repair or replace either the key or the lock, or both depending on how much damage has been done.

When your car key snaps in the lock or ignition

If your key snapped in the lock or ignition and the end piece of it is stuck in there, please call an auto locksmith before you try to get the key piece out yourself. Attempting to do this without the proper tools or experience can cause damage to the lock or ignition itself. If you end up doing too much damage, you might end up having to pay to replace your lock or ignition as well your car key.

If you call an auto locksmith, they will be able to remove the broken key part safely and without any further damage. They will then be able to provide a replacement car key so that you can easily access your car again.

Whatever the situation is, it is usually better to call the professionals before you attempt any DIY fixes yourself. If you need auto key replacement, then call JB’s Lock and Key for an emergency locksmith you can count on across Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

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