Locking yourself out of your house or car can be embarrassing. You may feel silly for making such a simple mistake, but it’s one that pretty much everyone makes at some point in their lives. So, you should never be too embarrassed to call a locksmith to help you out of your situation, no matter how small the problem is.

It might be that a locksmith comes out to you and solves the problem in just two minutes, leaving you feeling bad for inconveniencing them. But, you shouldn’t feel this way! Our job is to help people when they’re stuck, no matter how small the job is. Plus, you’d be even more inconvenienced if you didn’t call us to solve your problem.

We provide services for commercial and residential properties as well as automobile and emergency locksmith services. We even provide support and services for the more uncommon reasons that you might need a locksmith. From installing locks and replacing keys, to letting you back in your home when you’ve locked your keys inside, or even back in your car after locking your keys in the trunk.

Some of the other locksmith services we provide include:

  • Replacing lost or stolen keys
  • Unlocking Automobiles
  • Ignition repair
  • Emergency break-in re-keying
  • Forgotten safety combination
  • Installing deadbolts
  • Handicap accessible locks

We are skilled with a variety of different types of locks and we have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to help. We’ve helped customers out of problems big and small. So, unless you’re locked out of your house in your towel, there’s no need to feel embarrassed (although we won’t judge you if you are!).

Remember, no locksmith job is too small for us at JB’s Lock and Key, so contact us next time you’re in a jam and need locksmith services to get you back in (or out). We are more than happy to help, and we serve customers in and around the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, including Winston Salem, High Point, and Lexington. We can come out to your location to assist you right where you are when disaster strikes.

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