When people talk about losing their car keys, what they’re probably referring to is the key fob attached to the key. Hardly anybody actually uses the metal key part to lock and unlock their cars anymore – it’s all about keyless entry. The key fob makes it easy to lock and unlock your car from a distance with just one press of a button, or even just by approaching your car in some cases.

But, what does this mean when you do lose your car keys and fob? Is it different than if you lost the actual key? This blog will cover some tips on what to do if you need to replace your key fob.

How much does it cost to replace your key fob?

The answer to this question depends on where you go to get your fob replaced, so being well-informed can help you to shop smart. If you go to your dealership to have your key and fob replaced, then you’re likely looking at a minimum of $200 depending on the make and model of car you have. Higher-end cars will have a higher price tag for replacing your keys.

An auto locksmith will almost always be able to offer you a better price for replacing your car keys and key fob. The average cost of having a locksmith replace your key fob is around $90 – $120. There will still be variations in cost depending on the make and model of your car, however. So, perhaps a fob replacement that would cost you upwards of $500 at the dealership will only cost you less than $300 with a locksmith.

It’s important to get a quote before accepting your replacement, but a locksmith can help you save money and get you back on the road as soon as possible. An auto locksmith will be able to replace and reprogram your key fob so that it can be used immediately to open and operate your car.

If you’ve lost or damaged your car key’s fob, then we can replace and reprogram it here at JB’s Lock and Key without breaking the bank. Our mobile locksmith services mean that we can come out to you to solve your auto problems, saving you time as well as money. Get in touch if you’re in Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, or any of their surrounding areas.

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