Our locks are something we don’t pay much attention to. We lock and unlock them mostly by instinct as we leave or enter the home. How often is it that you stop and think about the amazing job they are doing at keeping your home and family safe? Well, making sure that the locks in your home are as secure as possible is something that’s worth paying attention to.

Why you might need to replace your locks

The most pressing time to have your locks changed is after a break in or if you have lost your keys or had them stolen. You don’t want someone to have easy access to your home, and a lock change could help to keep them out. Plus, if you’ve lost your only set of keys to your home, you’ll need new locks in order for you to get in.

Another common reason for having your locks changed is if the lock itself has become damaged. This may have occurred as a result of a break in or simply because the lock was old or the key broke off inside it. Even if none of this has happened to you, it is sensible to change your locks every so often for peace of mind and extra security.

Which locks to choose

There are lots of different types of locks out there that can be used for residential properties, so how do you know which ones will keep you safe? Tests carried out by Consumer Reports found that the average residential lock could easily be bypassed using an electric drill. While this might not be the most inconspicuous way to break in to a property, it’s still not a weakness you’d want, so here are a few things to look for in secure residential locks.

Double cylinder deadbolt

Deadbolts are a common form of lock used in homes, but for extra security, consider the double cylinder deadbolt. This means that it features a lock on both sides of the door rather than just on the outside. If a single cylinder deadbolt is fitted on a door with glass, then someone could break the glass and turn the handle inside to let themselves in.

Strike plate

Almost all locks feature a strike plate, but Consumer Reports’ research found that strike plates that utilized longer screws were much more difficult to break through. With shorter screws, the door is easier to break through by sheer force.

Smart technology

Smart” doesn’t necessarily mean secure, but it can give you extra features and conveniences that regular locks don’t. They may allow you to lock your doors remotely if you realize you forgot, and even alert you of an intrusion.

Is it time for new locks in your home? Whether you’ve suffered a break in or your just think you could do with better security, we can help you. Get in touch for locksmith services around Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

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