The Best Ways to Secure a Motorcycle

In 2017, a massive 44,268 motorcycle thefts were reported in the US, and only 39% of those vehicles were recovered. Since they are so much more open than cars and other vehicles, they are much more vulnerable to theft. So, it’s important to keep your bike safe and secure at all times to avoid becoming part of this statistic.

Here are our best tips for securing your motorcycle…

Park it in the garage

If you have a garage at home and/or at work, then you should always park it in there and lock the garage securely. This especially goes for overnight when you’re at home. Breaking into a locked garage to steal a motorcycle is much more difficult than taking off with one that’s out in the open.

But you might not have a garage, or you might be looking for tips on how to secure your bike when you’re out and about. In which case, here are some more tips…

Choose parking spots carefully

Always park your motorcycle in well-lit, public places whenever possible. Large parking lots tend to have a lot of people going in and out of them, so people are likely to notice if someone is trying to steal or damage a vehicle. Thieves are less likely to try anything if there are lots of people about.

Buy the right security devices

There are lots of security devices designed to secure motorcycles, from the simple to the more technologically sophisticated. A simple chain and padlock can help you secure your bike on the go. Park it up and use the chain to fix your motorcycle to a pole or railing. Just make sure it’s an immovable object you’re chaining it to.

For parking at home, you can install a more permanent security feature. A ground anchor can be attached to the floor or a wall on your property. You can then chain your bike to the ground anchor to prevent it from being carried away.

Another portable option is a disc lock, which is attached to the brake disc on the wheel of your motorcycle. This will prevent the bike from being driven but won’t stop it from being carried away, so disc locks are better used in conjunction with a chain or other security measure.

Lock your motorcycle down, whether that’s in the garage or using a portable security device. If you need a mobile locksmith for your automobile security around Winston Salem and Lexington, then contact us at JB’s Lock and Key.