You probably already have a basic understanding of what it is a locksmith does, but most people don’t realize the full extent of the skills and knowledge that locksmiths require on a day-to-day basis. With technological advancements constantly coming, there is so much more to a locksmith’s job than the simple lock and key these days.

To help you get a better understand of what a locksmith does and how they can help you, here are some of the key services they provide.

Crafting locks

Before machinery was created to take care of the manufacturing process for us, the role of a locksmith was to physically make the locks and keys for their community. Before the rise of metal crafts, locks and keys were typically made from wood.

Lock picking

This is probably the most stereotypical job associated with locksmithing. It sounds like more of a criminal task, but picking locks comes in very handy whenever someone locks themselves out of their home or car. There are various ways a locksmith can get you back in, and lockpicking is a particularly skillful one that can leave the lock completely undamaged when done professionally.

Cutting keys

If you need additional copies of a key or have lost your own copy, then locksmiths can also cut new keys to fit the lock. This can either be done by replicating an existing key or by using the lock itself as a blueprint for creating the new keys.

Lock and key repairs

There are a number of ways your locks or keys could get damaged over time, especially if they are not properly maintained. Keys may become bent or chipped, or locks might break from excessive force or gradual wear and tear. Locksmiths can repair and maintain your keys and locks to return them back to their proper working condition.

Changing locks

There are a number of reasons you might want to have your locks changed, like losing your keys, for example. Lock replacement is an effective way of ensuring that no one else has access to your home if you don’t want them to. A locksmith will remove the old hardware and replace it with a new lock, also providing keys to fit the new lock.

Installing locks

Alternatively, you might want to install new locks where there previously were none, like adding a lock to a bathroom or bedroom door, for example. Locksmiths can install new locks on doors or windows in your home or office.


An alternative to lock replacement is rekeying. A locksmith can essentially change the structure of the lock inside the cylinder so that the existing keys no longer fit. This will stop anyone from getting in if they have stolen your key, for example. New keys will be provided to you.

This is just a taste of all the services a locksmith can provide for you, and they apply to automotive locksmithing as well as residential. If you need the help of a mobile locksmith around Winston Salem, High Point, and Lexington, contact JB’s Lock and Key for our expert services.

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