Keys are surprisingly easy to lose or misplace. Maybe you put them in a safe place and can’t remember where, or they fell out of your bag or pocket somehow, or maybe your toddler was playing with them and they suddenly disappeared. Whatever happened, you need to know what to do next to get back into your car, home, or office.

If you can’t retrace your steps and find where your keys are, then here are the next steps you should take.

Don’t take matters into your own hands

You might feel frustrated and desperate, especially if you’re in a rush, but it’s important to calm down and not try to break into your own home or car. Also, don’t go amateur detective and think you can pick your lock with a couple of bobby pins. Both these methods will likely end up with a damaged door or lock, as well as missing keys.

Track down a spare key

You might have friends, family members, or neighbors with spare keys to your home, or you might have a spare car key inside your house if you’re locked out of your car. If you can track down a spare key, then you will be able to get back in fairly quickly.

Call an emergency locksmith

If you don’t have a spare key available, then your next step should be to call a mobile locksmith to come to you. They will be able to safely get you back into your car or home without causing any damage to the locking mechanism. They can also make a replacement key for the one that you lost.

Change your locks

In a situation where you don’t know where your lost key is, it is always safe and sensible to have the locks changed. If your lost key ended up in the wrong hands, someone may be able to access your car or home. Have your locksmith change the locks to be on the safe side.

Get spare keys cut

Avoid getting locked out again by having spare keys made once the locks have been changed. Leave these keys in safe places (that you’ll remember and be able to access) and share them with people you trust.

If you’ve lost your keys, call an emergency locksmith for lock replacement, rekeying, or house and car key replacement. Get in touch with JB’s Lock and Key for these services around Winston Salem, High Point, Lexington, and surrounding areas.

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